How to Keep Asparagus Fresh. Treat asparagus stalks like you would a fresh batch of flowers and extend its freshness. You should eat asparagus soon after placing it in a refrigerator.

Purchase fresh asparagus. Buying fresh asparagus in the store ensures that its shelf life at home is lengthened. Pick tender asparagus with green, medium-sized stalks.

Wash the asparagus in plain, clean water or a special vegetable washing product.

Fill a tall plastic container with 2 inches of cold water.

Take each asparagus stalk and cut off at least half an inch from its stalk. Treat the asparagus stalks like you would the stems of flowers.

Place each newly cut, asparagus stalk into the plastic container. The cut end of the stalk of the asparagus should be inserted into the water.

Put the plastic container containing the asparagus stalks into the refrigerator. Set the container in a place away from direct light.

Replace the asparagus after 10 days or when the asparagus shows signs of spoilage, such as wilting or fading.


  • The thickness of an asparagus stalk does not indicate the tenderness of the plant.

  • To test the tenderness of an asparagus stalk, snap it in half. If the stalks snap easily, the asparagus is fresh.