A fresh avocado adds creamy texture and a distinct flavor to sandwiches, quesadillas and guacamole. However, this green fruit is highly susceptible to spoiling if you attempt to save an unused, peeled portion. The high amounts of fats oxidize and quickly result in a brown avocado. Instead of tossing your leftover avocado, you can add certain foods that act as a preservative to the avocado or seal out the air to retain freshness.

Things You'll Need

Whole Peeled Avocado

Wrap a peeled avocado that is left as a whole with the pit intact in plastic wrap.

Cover the avocado completely with the plastic and press the wrap tightly over the surface to prevent any air pockets from forming.

Add at least three layers of plastic wrap to the exterior of the avocado for best results. Store the avocado in your refrigerator.

Part of Avocado With Pit

Retain the pit of the avocado when saving a portion of a peeled avocado.

Place the avocado next to the pit and wrap with plastic wrap as directed in the previous section or put in an airtight container and secure the lid.

Set the wrapped or covered avocado with its pit in your refrigerator.

Preserving with Juice

Juice a fresh lime or lemon.

Pour the juice over the surface of a peeled avocado, with or without the pit intact.

Seal in a covered container or wrap in plastic.

Store the avocado preserved with juice in your refrigerator.

Using Onions

Slice a quarter of a red onion and remove its outer skin to expose the sulfuric acids.

Place your peeled avocado with or without the pit in an airtight container.

Add the onion to the container and place the lid on securely.

Store the container in your refrigerator.


  • Consider how you plan to use the peeled avocado when choosing a technique for keeping it fresh, since the lemon, lime or onion each will impart a strong flavor to the mild-flavored avocado.