The Daikon radish resembles a white carrot. The daikon variety has a more mild taste than the rounder, red radish variety most common in the U.S. You can juice a daikon with other fruits and vegetables for a healthy and refreshing beverage. Alternately, daikon radish juice can be added and cooked in soups. When cooked, daikon radishes are less spicy and taste similar to turnips. Daikon radish is used to aid digestion, dissolve kidney stones and can even help with weight loss.

Things You'll Need

Wash the daikon radish thoroughly under cold, running water. Use a vegetable scrubber to remove all dirt and grit from the radish.

Place the daikon radish on a cutting board. Cut the radish with a sharp knife into chucks suitable for your juicer’s feeding tube. Leave the greens intact, if desired, as they are edible and can also be juiced.

Prepare your juicer for use. Line the pulp receptacle with a plastic produce bag, if desired, for easy cleanup. Place a cup or container under the juice spout to catch the juice.

Turn the juicer on. Place the daikon radish in the chute, using the plunger to push it down the chute.

Add your daikon radish juice to your favorite recipe.


  • Peeling the radish before juicing is not necessary.

  • Try your daikon radish combined with the juice of five apples, a lemon and two carrots.

  • Remember that radish juice has a strong taste and may be too strong to enjoy on its own.