Plump, shapely lips have lots of sex appeal, but for some people, permanent plastic surgery is not an option. Regardless of your lips’ true size, thin or semi-full, you can make them larger temporarily. Increase your lip volume and get voluptuous lips for a special date or for a photo session. Safely use lip plumping formulas to expand your lips slightly, making them larger and more kissable-looking. If you practice using plumpers, you will develop the confidence you need to get this look anytime you like.

Things You'll Need

Dampen your toothbrush and add a dab of toothpaste. Brush your lips with the toothbrush. This will naturally get blood circulating in your lip area, making them feel puffier.

Line the outside of the lips with a neutral lip liner. Do this by drawing from the left top outer corner to the center of the lip. Then draw in from the right top outer corner to the center of the lip. Do the same for the bottom. Drawing just outside the natural lip line will give the illusion of larger lips.

Open the lip plumper and squirt a tiny bit from the tube. Apply the tip of the tube to your lips, rubbing the plumper onto your lips. You may feel your lips tingling slightly as the circulation in the lips begins to be stimulated.

Allow the lip plumpers to take effect before adding lip gloss. Wait three to four minutes before applying the lip gloss.

Roll the lip gloss on your upper and lower lips.


  • Increase lip size by pinching your lips slightly with your fingers.

  • Keep lips conditioned well with lip balm for a full look.