One of the keys to a successful career in modeling is to get hooked up with a modeling agency that can get you top modeling assignments. These agencies employ modeling agents that spend their days looking at portfolios and conducting auditions to find models right for the agency. To get you foot in the door at one of theses agencies, you need to be able to impress a modeling agent with your abilities and your marketability as a model the agency can place. Impressing a modeling agent takes not only the ability to handle the rigors of a modeling career and auditions, but a portfolio that shows you have those abilities.

Things You'll Need

Work as much as you can while you search for a talent agency to handle your career. If that means entering contests or modeling for small local companies until you can get hooked up with a talent agency, then add those things to your resume.

Assemble a portfolio immediately. Have professional headshots taken for your portfolio. Start with between five and 10 8×10 photographs, in black and white and color. Provide an even mix of glamour shots and relaxed shots in a natural environment to demonstrate your range.

Write a bio and resume. The bio should include personal background information that tells the agent who you are, where you’re from and why you feel a career in modeling is for you. The resume will be a list of any modeling-related work you’ve done, including contests you’ve won. Resume building is an ongoing process. If you don’t have a lot of experience at the beginning, make the best of the experience you have and use your enthusiasm and abilities to help convince an agent you are worth signing.

Consult model and talent agency guidelines for submitting your portfolio and auditioning, if necessary, to obtain representation. Take the time to learn as much about each agency as you can before you submit your portfolio. It isn’t just about whether you’re right for the agency, but if the agency is right for you. Ask to see a list of an agency’s clients. Follow the submission guidelines from individual agencies to show your professionalism and to help increase your chance of being considered by a modeling agent.