Sweet peppers, also known as capsicum, have a sweet peppery taste, as against hot chili peppers that are spicy. You can enjoy sweet peppers grilled, roasted or fried on their own, or combined with other foods. Sweet peppers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as bell peppers, cherry peppers, banana peppers and pimentos. When purchasing, use the shape, color and texture of the sweet pepper to help you identify the type of sweet peppers.

Observe the shape of the sweet peppers. If the peppers are bell-shaped, they are bell peppers, heart-shaped peppers are pimentos and long, tapering banana-shaped peppers are sweet banana peppers.

Check the color of the peppers. While pimentos are red and sweet banana peppers are yellow, some peppers change their color as they ripen over a long period. For instance, green bell peppers change color to red, orange or yellow; while brown, crimson, purple and black peppers become green if left to ripen longer.

Observe the texture of the peppers. Green bell peppers have a thicker skin compared to the green, long, thin, sweet Italian peppers or Turkish peppers.