Versace represents one of the most prominent brands within the fashion industry. Versace makes many high-quality products, including sunglasses. However, the Versace sunglasses are much more expensive than the average pair. Many people desire to have such a pair, yet cannot afford to. Nevertheless, an abundance of spurious Versace sunglasses exist. Therefore, it is important to be able to identify fake Versace sunglasses.

Things You'll Need

Familiarize yourself with the appearance of genuine Versace sunglasses. By either looking at a pair in the Versace store, or examining the sunglasses on the Versace website, you will be able to see how the sunglasses are designed. You will also become aware of the different styles that are available.

Look for the Versace logo. The Versace logo symbolizes whether or not the sunglasses represent this designer. If there is no Versace logo on the sunglasses, or the logo does not resemble the genuine Versace logo, it is fake pair.

Determine whether or not the color of the sunglasses is peeling or fading. The true Versace sunglasses will not be made with a coating that fades or peels easily.

Look at where the sunglasses display where they were manufactured. Versace is based in Italy. If the sunglasses were not made within Italy, then they are probably fake.