We have all seen the hypnotists at the state fair or carnivals or on television. A majority of us have probably thought that it would be fun or beneficial to hypnotize someone. If you follow these simple steps and practice, then you should be able to hypnotize your friends or family.

Have your friend or family member lie down on something comfortable, such as a couch or a bed, and close his eyes.

Tell your “patient” in a calm, soothing voice to take 10 deep breaths. Make sure to count these breaths out loud. Tell him to relax and forget about his worries.

Tell him, once he is relaxed, that he is standing at the top of the stairs, and he is going to slowly walk down them. Tell him there are 10 steps to the bottom, and that with each step, he is going to become more relaxed. Repeat this up to three times.

Have him open his eyes and focus on a spot on the wall. Tell him to stare continuously at the spot and listen to what you are saying. Convey to him that as he is staring at the wall, he is becoming more and more relaxed and to close his eyes when he is ready.

State what he hopes to achieve out of the hypnosis, such as to quit smoking, stop overeating or quit performing compulsive behaviors.

Bring him out of hypnosis. Inform him that you are going to count to five, and when you reach five, his eyes will open and he will be awake. Count to five while slowly raising your voice with each number. He should be awake by number five.


  • When in a state of hypnosis, people will not perform anything that is against their moral character.