You know the time has come to make some changes to your personal appearance, but it’s difficult to be objective. Consider hiring a personal makeover consultant. These professionals are trained to maximize assets, play up attractive traits and change the bothersome, annoying ones. A makeover, whether subtle or extreme, can really bolster your self-esteem.

Things You'll Need

Visit the Shopping Mall

Stop at one of the cosmetic counters at a department store and ask for a complimentary skincare and color consultation. Purchase only the items you feel you can incorporate into your day-to-day lifestyle.

Seek out the services of a professional personal shopper at a large department store to revamp your wardrobe. Their services are often complimentary.

Seek the Advice of Others and Meet Face-to-Face with Potential Consultants

Inquire whether friends or coworkers have used a personal image consultant.

Ask whether they were satisfied and what they did or did not like about the experience. Find out whether they would do it again.

Request contact information for the consultant whom your friend or coworker used and set up a preliminary consultation with him.

Ask to see before and after transformation photos of the personal image consultants’ clients.

Talk to the image consultant about what you want to consider changing and show her your photographs.

Look at the consultant’s pricing for the work you want done. Ask whether he has a payment plan or requires payment in advance.

Wait to decide whose services you want to use until after you have interviewed at least two other image specialists. Compare your notes on each one. Once you’ve made a decision to hire one, schedule an appointment with her to begin working on your new look.


  • Keep what personal makeover consultants can do in perspective. Professional advice is what they offer.