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Red veins on your nose can be an embarrassment when they begin to show. These veins are known as varicose or spider veins, and occur when the blood vessels expand due to triggers such as heat, exercise, alcohol, stress, cold weather or spicy foods. This happens in both sexes and can worsen as the skin ages or with conditions such as rosacea. Once the veins appear, steps can be taken to hide them from view or remove them completely.

Apply green-tinted moisturizer to your nose every day. Moisturizers tinted in this color can help to combat redness, as greens and reds are on opposite sides of the color spectrum. This is helpful for men who do not want to wear make-up to cover redness.

Apply concealer to the nose and spread it with a make-up sponge or your fingers. Apply a foundation over the concealer with a make-up sponge. Choose a cream or gel-based foundation with medium to heavy coverage so it stays in place throughout the day. Choose a foundation that is dermatologist-tested and noncomedogenic, as these will be less irritating to the skin.

Apply powder over the foundation with a large make-up brush. This will help the foundation stay in place longer and provide a matte appearance to your nose.


Consider having red veins permanently removed with laser treatments from a dermatologist.


Avoid tanning to hide the red veins on your nose, as the darker color may temporarily help, but tanning the skin can actually make the problem worse.