Skin tags, which are more properly known as cutaneous skin tags, are small, usually harmless growths of skin. They commonly look like a short, narrow stalk of skin rising from the surface. They most often occur after midlife and are more common to those who have diabetes or are overweight. They usually form in skin folds, where skin rubs against skin. There are a few different things you can do to hide skin tags.

Things You'll Need

Hide a skin tag by covering it with clothing. Most skin tags are formed in places on the body where skin rubs together, which are typically places that can be covered.

Cover the skin tag with tape. This option is especially useful for situations such as contact sports, where you are concerned the skin tag might be damaged. Skin-colored tape can help conceal that you are wearing tape.

Visit your doctor or dermatologist and have the skin tag removed. Removing a skin tag can be done with surgery, freezing or electrical burn, and will only take a few minutes in most cases. With the skin tag removed, you will not have to worry about hiding it any longer.