How to Hide a Piercing Hole

By Kenneth Coppens

While considered beautiful by some, piercings may not always be acceptable, especially in the workplace. In certain situations, it may even be necessary to hide the piercing completely. This can be troublesome, especially in fairly new facial piercing, as it's possible for the hole to close up if jewelry is removed. Since it's a fairly common occurrence, many jewelry manufacturers and piercing shops carry products specially made to hide piercings.

Most body piercings can be hidden or disguised.

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Step 1

Wash your hands with an antibacterial soap and warm water. Pat your hands dry with a towel. Always use clean hands when handling a piercing or jewelry.

Step 2

Remove the jewelry from the piercing and replace it with a piercing retainer. Piercing retainers are often made of clear acrylic but may be available in flesh-colored tones at some piercing shops.

Step 3

Examine the piercing in a mirror. Depending on your skin color and the location of the piercing, the retainer alone may adequately camouflage the hole.

Step 4

Cover the retainer with a small flesh-colored bandage to completely conceal the piercing. Apply a foundation over the bandage so it matches your skin tone, if desired.