Whether you work for a conservative company, and don’t want your boss to know about your navel piercing, or you have parents who would freak at the sight of your belly button ring, there are a few different yet simple ways to camouflage your body jewelry. You probably won’t be able to keep it up forever but, with careful concealing, you should be fine for a while.

Apply a piece of square skin tape across your navel, taping down the navel ring so that it won’t be so obvious under clothing.

Wear higher wasted pants that come up to your navel, rather than low riders that expose the navel. Even if your shirt is covering the ring, an impression of it may be visible through the shirt.

Wear a loose fitting T-shirt and tuck it into your jeans, gently blousing it out. The effect creates a little room around your waistline making the navel ring virtually undetectable.

Wear belts with large buckles to draw attention away from your stomach and add girth to your waistline.