Dropping a compact or container of hard blush can be devastating as the makeup that was once a solid piece of powder shatters and cracks into multiple pieces. But don’t toss out your broken blush. Instead, follow a few simple steps to reshape the makeup back into a solid block of powder using supplies you probably already have at home. By the next day, you’ll have a compact of blush that’s ready to be brushed over your cheeks once again.

Things You'll Need

Gather all of the broken blush pieces in the base of its original container. Ensure that each piece is clean. Lay them flat across the surface.

Drip three drops of rubbing alcohol into the container. You will see the liquid be absorbed by the power, and the blush will become soft.

Lightly wrap a piece of saran wrap over your index finger. This will prevent oils from your skin seeping into the makeup as you reshape it.

Use your wrapped finger to swirl and move the blush pieces around the container. The powder will have absorbed the alcohol and become a paste. If it’s not paste-like, add another drop of alcohol and repeat the process.

Spread the paste evenly across the surface of the blush container. Smooth out the blush until there aren’t any lumps and it’s all an even consistency. Use the back of a spoon to further smooth out the blush and give it a like-new look.

Let the blush container and the paste inside sit overnight or until the blush is completely dry. The alcohol will evaporate, leaving you with a solid block of powder blush in the container that’s ready to use.