We’ve all been there. Bangs seemed like a great idea at the time, but soon they’re just a source of frustration. And now you must wait six months to year, depending on their length, to grow out the bangs. You can make that cut look more stylish in the meantime.

Use styling products like gel, wax, pomade or mud to keep your hair out of your eyes. Style hair towards the crown of your head either straight back or to the side.

Accessorize. Headbands can push and bangs back. Choose from the many clips or combs that will stylishly keep your bangs off your face.

Avoid highlights. Thin highlights can accentuate bangs. While growing them out, opt for an overhall color to give the illusion of a uniform length.

Style your hair with a side part to keep bangs incognito. Sweep hair to one side of your head and clip your bangs as low as possible for a sleek look.

Enlist the help of a stylist. Trim and reshape your bangs every 4 to 6 weeks. Once they’ve passed your eyebrows, have your stylist cut them at an angle to soften the bluntness. Ask the pro to even out the entire length of hair. To do this, make sure the stylist trims at least a quarter-inch off the back with each visit.