Dreaming of longer thicker eyelashes? Well look no further….the following steps will show you exactly how to obtain those perfectly long and full eyelashes .

Getting Started

To start you need to be sure to remove all make up (especially mascara) from your eyelash region . This is important because make up surrounds the eyelash hair follicles causing them to dry out and become prone to breakage.

Try Natural Eyelash Enhancers

Many companies are marketing “Natural Eyelash Enhancers” , a few such company’s products can be purchased on websites such as starlash.com . You can read reviews on such products on ConsumerHealthDigest.com . Many people prefer to go with the natural option , which is usually a good idea for anyone who wants to avoid undesirable side effects from prescription options.

Try prescriptions

If you prefer to obtain your longer / thicker eyelashes through a prescription , go ahead and talk to your doctor about “Latisse” . Latisse is a relatively new prescription treatment used to increase thickness and length of eyelashes. You can read more about Latisse by logging on to the following website : latisse.com (See resources section below).

Take Vitamins

Studies have shown that people with diets high in vitamin B , Vitamin A , and Vitamin E , grow much healthier stronger eyelashes. You can either take these vitamins in supplement form or get them in fruits and vegetables high in vitamin B and E such as bananas , carrots , etc.

Moisturize Your Eyelashes

Applying some castor oil or petroleum jelly to your eyelashes at night will moisturize your eyelashes which will prevent them from becoming brittle and breaking off , in turn will ensure that your eyelashes grow in full and thick.

View Resources

Refer to my resources section below for more information and tips on how to grow longer thicker eyelashes.