When you decide after coloring your hair for a period of time to let your gray hair grow in, it can be a long and frustrating process. As the gray grows out, it is difficult to camouflage the difference in color, and can be unsightly and messy looking. Here are some tips to grow in gray hair more painlessly and gracefully.

Get a haircut. If your hair is long, get it cut if possible. The more you cut off, the less length the gray has to grow to meet the ends. Take off as much tinted hair as possible to begin the growing process.

Change your hair part. If you part hair down the center, try flipping your hair to the side. Styling your hair so there is no definite part helps to camouflage gray hair as well. If you normally wear hair back, try wearing a slight bang to hide the hairline, where gray can be most noticeable.

Use hair accessories. Use barrettes, hair combs and hair pieces to blend gray hair as it is growing. If it is long, wear it up. This helps to hide the line of demarcation between the color tint and the gray hair growth.

Try temporary color. According to hair.lovetoknow.com, you can use a color touchup stick that comes in a tube and is applied to the roots like lipstick. This will work for an inch or two of root, but is not effective for gray hair growth after that point. Try applying to areas that are most apparent for some coverage. Hair mascara is also effective, and works better for people who have longer hair. These products are applied when hair is dry and can be shampooed out.

Apply temporary liquid hair color, mousse or gel. These can be put in after a shower to add color to the hair. In addition, rinses such as Roux Fanciful Rinse will fill in color temporarily until the next shampoo. These products can be purchased in a beauty supply store or online.


  • Temporary hair color products generally work best on darker hair colors.