Learn how to grill sausage on the bbq. This is the best way to do it!

Things You'll Need

You want to start with a clean grill, so preheat it and then scrape it clean with your grill brush.

Feel free to soak your sausages in a beer bath for 5 to 10 minutes if you have a spare cold one, but this step is optional.

Place your sausages on the grill on a low to medium heat setting. Lightly brown the outer skin of the sausage, turning frequently.

Now lower the heat on the grill so you don’t burn yourself. You want to cut the sausages from top to bottom, down the middle. The key here is to only cut the top portion of the skin and about halfway deep into the sausage. Cut properly, you will be left with flat sausage patties.

Turn the heat setting back up to medium and grill both sides of the flat patties until golden-brown.

Place a slice of American cheese on top of the sausage and let it melt. Don’t feel guilty about using more than one slice of cheese here. Also jalapeno cheese works here if you’re up for that kind of thing.

Take your spatula and transfer your sausage cheese patties to hamburger buns. Bon appetit!


  • For some variety, try using different combinations of sausages (hot vs. sweet), cheese, and buns.