A sensual head massage is a wonderful way to melt away pain and tension and revive the scalp. Give the perfect head massage by using some basic techniques and you will be surprised at how soothing and effective your fingers can be.

Have the person lie down on a massage bed or comfortable surface with their head at the edge of the table and any hair hanging down the back. Brush the hair through lightly and ensure that the skin is clean and free of makeup. Seat yourself behind the table at a height where you have easy access to the head.

Massage the scalp by making small circular motions with your fingertips. Cover the entire scalp area and pay special attention to the temples. Be careful not to press down too hard as this can actually cause pain and lead to throbbing.

Run your fingers gently through the length of the hair, smoothing it away from the face and down the back. This not only relaxes but also sets up for a facial by priming the area and moving hair out of the way.

Take small strands of hair between your fingers and tug gently. Check with your client that the pressure is comfortable and not too hard. This action increases the circulation and helps relieve headaches and sinus pressure that occur when pressure in the area builds up.

Move your hands down to the forehead and press gently from left to right with your fingertips until you have reached the eyebrows. Cover the whole forehead with this motion from hairline to hairline.


  • Use massage oils around the scalp and temples for easier movement and relaxing fragrances.

  • If your client has very thick hair, draw your fingers across the top instead of through the hair to avoid getting them caught or tangled.