Relieve stress while creating younger-looking, healthier skin without spending money at the spa by giving a facial massage at home. Follow these steps.

Things You'll Need

Have the massage recipient lie on a massage table or a comfortable mattress covered by a sheet. The recipient also can sit in a semi-reclined position, whatever is more comfortable.

Wash your hands in warm water with anti-bacterial soap.

Tie back her hair or place a head band over her hair to keep it out of the recipient’s face.

Clean her face with a gentle cleanser before massaging. Remove any make-up she may be wearing.

Squeeze a dime-sized portion of massage oil or lotion into your palm. Rub your hands together until the oil or lotion is evenly distributed. If you use too much oil, your hands will be too slippery to properly massage.

Start massaging at the top of the neck. Gently move your fingers in and outward, sliding strokes along the jaw and up to the ears.

Move your fingers in small circles across the cheeks and around the lips. Tap gently around the eyes.

Massage down and around the nose. Repeat this step up to 5 times.

Using upward movements, stroke the center of the forehead and work your way to the outside of the head. Move your fingers in circles over the temples at the sides of the forehead.

Repeat the entire massage 5 times. Apply more oil or lotion to your hands as needed.


  • A relaxing environment enhances the soothing effects of any massage. Consider using dimmed lights, relaxing music and aromatic candles. Turn off the phones and make sure no one will interrupt you during the massage.

  • When massaging, use your middle three fingers. Apply gentle pressure throughout. Massage the base of the neck and shoulders to provide a nice finishing touch.