Unless you’re bald, most men and women spend some good time trying to obtain a nice hairstyle. Having the wrong hairstyle can make a woman in her prime look ten years older. If you want to obtain some youthful hairstyles, read on!

One of the greatest ways to obtain a youthful hairstyle is by adding side sweeping bangs. Side sweeping bangs help accentuate the eyes and soften the look of the facial structures. It draws attention away from wrinkles and fine lines. Try keeping your bangs a bit messy and resist trying to cut them straight across.

Obtaining a youthful hairstyle means avoiding tightly structured up-do’s. Worn up hair can look elegant and classy, but it can also add years to your face. Only a few people over the age of twenty look good with bundled up hair. A more casual, messy up-dos will look more youthful. Try back combing a bit to add some hair volume at the crown and leave some tendrils hanging to reduce the severity of the style. Add some classy hair accessories and finish it off with a hair of some dangly earrings.

Young looking hairstyles can also be obtained by adding large hot rollers to your straight hair before venturing out. Once you remove the rollers, try to lightly brush the loose waves for a tousled look. Youthful hair is never flat. Utilize shampoos and hair conditioners that add extra body. You can consider adding some layering to soften the look of your new hairstyle.

A more subtle layering of hair can be used to bring out added texture and hair volume. It will create a more youthful appearance and draw attention away from aging skin. In addition, it’s most flattering to keep your hair length between the chin and shoulder level. This looks good on most women and is still versatile to wear in different ways.

Lastly, try to give your hair a new hair color to get a more youthful hairstyle! Try using some lighter shades or some subtle highlights to give your skin and hair a more youthful appearance. Most hair looks better with a lighter hair complexion.