How to Get Waves in Short Hair

By LeafTV Editor

How to Get Waves in Short Hair. Wavy hair softens your features and creates a flirty frame for your face. Even if your hair is short, by following a few basic techniques, you can add some curl and bounce to your look. Forget boring straight locks, the next time your friends see you, you'll have a head full of soft waves.

Step 1

Braid wet hair for a '70s style with rippling waves that lend a "retro" look to your locks. Towel dry freshly shampooed hair, then braid in ½-inch segments for a full-bodied hairdo. Allow hair to dry completely before removing the braids.

Step 2

Tear old soft rags into 1-inch by 6-inch strips. After towel drying clean shampooed hair, separate out 1-inch sections and wind them, starting 1-inch from the bottom of the strip and moving upwards. When you've wound the entire section, bring the ends of the rag around and tie them securely. Allow to dry.

Step 3

Separate 1-inch segments of damp hair and wind around your finger. Gently, ease your finger out of the curl and secure it to your head with one or two hairpins.

Step 4

Put a diffuser on the end of your blow dryer before drying your hair if you have a natural curl. Blow dryers tend to blow the waves out of hair unless you use a diffuser that spreads out the force of the air over a larger area. You'll get the same effect as if you were sitting under a salon dryer.

Step 5

Slather on curling pomades and mousses, expressly designed to set your curls as they dry. You can use them before any of the above waving techniques or you can apply liberally to damp hair and scrunch with your fingers, creating freestyle waves that will hold their shape.

Step 6

Put the hairbrush away. After you've gone to all that work to make beautiful waves, brushing will do nothing but pull them out or frizz your hair. Instead, use a wide-toothed hair pick and gently pick through your hair, separating the curls but retaining their shape.

Step 7

Finish with a curling spritz by spraying carefully on your hair and then using your fingers to scrunch or shape individual curls.