Although now considered an antiquated method for wine making, stomping grapes by foot remains popular as a fun unique activity with a certain quaint and old-world charm. Plus, it’s a decent workout and a good way to release frustration. The first necessary step in extracting juice from grapes by foot is to carefully and thoroughly wash you feet, as no one wants unclean wine. The primary ways of producing the most juice is by choosing the right grapes and not wasting any when they are gathered.

Select grapes that are large and not too hard. Hard grapes can be more difficult to crush and possibly cause pain to the foot when stomped. Large grapes simply have more juice in them, making the yield greater.

Do not stomp too many grapes at a time. Piling grapes too high can create a group that is too tiring to get through and make it more difficult to thoroughly crush all of the included grapes.

Stomp on every grape. The best way to increase the amount of juice gained from stomping grapes is to be thorough. Any grape that escapes intact is wasted juice.

Stomp, stomp, stomp. Don’t quit until every grape is crushed and every last ounce of juice has been squeezed out. To get the most out of the grape crop, each grape must add to the juice, which requires stamina to ensure that each grape is given opportunity for crushing.