While a dip in the pool is a great way to stay fit or to cool off in the summer, many women with long fair hair avoid swimming pools because of the effects of chlorine on their hair. Chlorine damage can turn fair hair a less-than-lovely shade of green, which can require some extra care to repair. Luckily there are several inexpensive home remedies that should turn green hair back to blond and will get you back into the pool without any worries.

Wash your hair with tomato juice. Massage 1/4 cup of undiluted tomato juice into your hair and then wash with shampoo and condition as you would normally. The tomato juice will neutralize the chemical reaction caused by the chlorine.

Wash your hair with something bubbly. Several home remedies recommended for reversing chlorine damage involve bubbly concoctions that will neutralize the chemical properties of the chlorine. Mix a few spoonfuls of baking soda with water and form into a paste that you can use as a shampoo. Or, dissolve aspirin or seltzer tablets in water and wash it though your hair. Use a generous amount of whatever substance you choose and wash it out with shampoo after thoroughly working it into your hair.

Rinse your hair with powdered lemonade. The acidity of the citrus juice will deactivate the chlorine’s effects. Work a packet of powdered lemonade into your hair and wash out with shampoo.

Protect yourself from getting chlorine damage in the first place. Showering with regular water before swimming can give you some protection. You can also run cocoa butter or a conditioner containing silicone through your hair before getting into the pool. And special swimming shampoos on the market claim to protect hair from chlorine damage.