Smooth feet are a sign of good health and good grooming, as your feet receive daily abuse from walking, running and footwear. Dead, hard skin builds up on the soles of your feet in order to protect your feet from stress, but it also creates an unsightly look and feel if it is not routinely removed. Pay extra attention to your feet with products available at your local drugstore that will help keep them feeling soft and healthy.

Things You'll Need

Rub a pumice stone gently over the bottom of your feet while showering to slough off dead skin. The moisture from the water softens your feet, which allows for easier removal of dead skin.

Blot your feet with a soft towel, and clip your toenails with the toenail clipper. Clip the nails straight, and gently file the nail in one direction to eliminate long nails.

Smooth the nail edges with the smoothing side of the nail file.

Pour a quarter-size amount of foot lotion into your hands, and massage the lotion into your feet while they are slightly damp so the skin will absorb the lotion.

Re-apply the foot lotion after bathing or showering to maintain soft, supple feet.

Wear shoe inserts to cushion the impact of walking and running. Shoe inserts made of rubber or gel reduce stress to the feet, and maintain soft, healthy feet.