The knees can be a difficult part of the body to get soft and smooth. Hot air and low humidity can contribute to drying of the skin and subsequent roughness and flaking. Bending, kneeling or crawling around after a baby can also cause the skin on knees to thicken and become less soft. Thankfully, the process of smoothing out this area of the body is not a complicated process.

Things You'll Need

Bathe or shower in lukewarm water with an exfoliating body wash or soap. These kinds of cleansers are made to remove rough, dry skin like that which can form on knees. This removal of dead skin allows post-bath moisturizing products to sink into your skin better. For very dry skin, look for washes containing glycolic acid or lactic acid, which Web MD reports can add moisture even while bathing.

Pat your skin dry and apply moisturizer to your knees while your skin is still slightly damp. White petroleum jelly is an inexpensive but very effective moisturizing agent that works especially well on tough, dry areas like feet, elbows and knees.

Apply petroleum jelly or other lotion to your knees periodically throughout the day in order to maintain moisture and ward off dryness.


  • Avoid excessive contact of your knees with the ground. If you find yourself kneeling down throughout the day while gardening, working or doing housework, use a pad, knee pads or pillow to reduce the hardening of skin on your knees