Political figures are scrutinized for their appearance as well as their politics. Republican vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin caused a stir with her twist on a classic updo. While she tries out other styles, her most recognizable hairstyle is a messy bun with volume at the crown. This style require very little in the way of tools or prep and can easily be achieved on any texture of hair. Medium to long-length hair works best.

Things You'll Need

Brush your clean, dry hair to remove any tangles.

Separate a 2-inch section of hair from the top of your head. Tease this section of hair by inserting the comb halfway from the tip and combing down toward the root. Repeat two to three times. Teasing produces volume in the crown.

Run your fingers along your scalp, from the tops of your ears back to the center of your head. Gather this hair into a ponytail. Smooth the sides back by gently brushing out any bumps or tangles.

Wrap a small elastic around the base of the ponytail. Fluff up the crown by gently pulling the smoothed hair up and slightly out of the elastic. Sarah Palin’s hairstyle is polished, yet relaxed so avoid severity in the updo.

Collect the lower part of your hair into a ponytail. Again, smooth the sides back by brushing out any bumps. Hold the ponytail in one hand and twist in a clockwise direction until the tips of the tail are pointing upward. This creates a twisted bun shape.

Secure the bun by grasping it on either side with the claw clip. Allow the tips of the ponytail to fall softly over the clip.

Pin any stray hair or tips into place using bobby pins.

Spray the style with a maximum-hold hairspray.