How to Get Rid of Sock Marks. Imagine you're on vacation staying right on the beach. It's great to get up in the morning, throw on your socks and sneakers and start your day with a nice jog along the water's edge. Once you get home and change into your bathing suit however, you look down and see you have sock marks and need to get rid of them before you dare venture down to the water.

Apply some protein directly to your sock marks to rid yourself of the problem. Crack open an egg, discard the yolk, whip up the egg white and put it directly on your sock marks. Give it a few minutes to dry before you wash it off.

Open up a couple of Vitamin E capsules and rub the oil directly onto the sock marks. Vitamin E is a great way to smooth out your skin and lessen lines and wrinkles.

Make a quick exfoliating and moisturizing scrub using your favorite moisturizing lotion and sugar. Simply put about a tablespoon of lotion in a small bowl and add a tablespoon of sugar, mixing it up to form a gritty paste. Exfoliate the area then rinse off for a smother appearance.

Pin your hair up on top of your head, throw on a shower cap and take a quick, hot shower. The moisture from the steam will help get rid of your sock marks. When you get out of the shower use a towel to rub your legs vigorously to eliminate any remaining marks.