Getting rid of scars does not happen instantly, it takes time. There are certain methods and solutions that work better than others. Whether your scars came from an accident, acne, or surgery here are the tried and true ways to rid of scars.

You should go to a dermatologist to discuss what scar removal method would work best. Doctors have the advantage of the newest and most effective scar treatments out there.

There are many over-the-counter products out there that are very effective in helping to remove or lessen the appearance of scars. It’s important to remember that they don’t actually remove it completely. Products such as Bio-oil have been proven to lessen the appearance by 80%.

Try using gels such as Mederma or Alpha hydroxy. These are potent formulas specially design for helping to remove scars permanently. Mederma is more for acne scars, while alpha hydroxy is for bigger more prominent scars.

Home remedies are also very effective. Aloe vera is a WONDERFUL plant. The only tricky part about Aloe, is that you have to apply it twice daily to a wound that is fresh for it to help heal up and not cause a scar.

Lemon juice can be used seeing as how it’s a natural bleach. It will take time, but apply lemon juice to your scar 3 times daily can and will reduce it in time.

Vitamin E capsules are also great. You can pop the capsule and rub the oil on the scarred area. It should take about 2 weeks before you notice real results.


  • Try to medicate wounds when it happens to prevent scars.

  • Don’t pick or scratch scabs off of healing wounds. This will only make it more likely to scar.