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Rashes, acne or chicken pox can leave behind pockmarks—deep pitted scars that may make you feel like your face is never, ever going to look flawless. But don't worry—they can be diminished with some home remedies and some visits to a dermatologist.

Cocoa Butter

Massage cocoa butter into the affected area every day. This should improve the skin's elasticity and reduce the appearance of pitted scars.

Scar Removal Cream or Gel

Over-the-counter scar treatments are available at drugstores in cream or gel form. Follow the instructions on the package for application—generally you'd apply it daily for several weeks to see results.


Speak to a dermatologist about facial fillers. Chemicals are injected directly into the affected area to plump the skin and minimize the appearance of pockmarks.

Chemical Peel

You can also ask a dermatologist about getting a chemical peel. This involves applying a layer of acid that removes the outer layers of the skin to make way for new skin to regenerate. The type and amount of acid used depends on the number of skin layers that must be removed.


A dermatologist can also offer microdermabrasion, which involves using a small tool to sheer away the outer layers of the skin, reducing the appearance of pockmarks.

It does take quite a lot of effort to get rid of pockmarks, but just be patient in your beauty routine and decide if a seeing a dermatologist is worth it for you. Either way, remember that almost no one has perfect skin, and you're 100 percent beautiful no matter what!

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