Skin tags are those little skin growths that can grow on different parts of the body. The medical name for the skin tags is acrochordon. While there is usually not any pain associated with skin tags they can cause embarrassment and just bug you. Luckily they are pretty easy to get rid off in the comfort of your home. Try one of these tricks to get rid of the skin tag.


You can help remove the skin tag by cutting off it’s blood supply. Simply tie the string, thread, or even dental floss as close to your normal skin as possible. Then in a day or two the skin tag will fall off by itself. Depending on where the skin tag is you may need help tying it up with the string.


You can purchase liquid nitrogen to remove the skin tag. Just be careful using this and do not apply it to the area more then once a week. Usually the nitrogen is sold over the counter as a wart medication. It may cause a bit of pain and even scarring so be careful.


You can cut it off by yourself using scissors, tweezers, or a razor blade. Make sure the items is sharp and sanitized before trying this. Numb the area with an ice cube and then cut the skin tag off quickly and as close to your normal skin as possible. It may bleed little so dab a bit of neosporin on it and place a band aide on it if desired.


For professional help see your doctor to help remove the skin tag. Especially if you have several this is probably the best option for you. The doctor will most likely use a electric needle to remove the skin tag.


Soak the skin tag in some hand sanitizer to help remove it. You can place a few drops onto a cotton ball and place it directly on the skin tag, then place a band aide over it to hold it in place. Leave it on for a day or so and it should fall off. You can also use apple cider vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide.