Hours after you come out of the shower, you expect your hair to look vibrant and fresh. You spent time scrubbing out the buildup of hair products that seem to collect in your hair. Walking past a mirror, you jump as you glimpse your reflection. Not only does your hair not look bouncy and full of volume, it looks like a wet opossum slathered in grease happily sitting atop of your head. Most of us are on a quest for great looking hair and are frustrated when we look in the mirror and see anything but. Oily hair can be a frustrating problem and can create a stubborn cycle. In the shower you may use more shampoo than normal, not realizing that this extra washing will only cause the oil glands in your hair to create more oil. It is your body’s natural response to prevent dryness of your scalp. Here is some advice that can help you obtain fantastic looking hair long after you’ve stepped out of the shower.

Things You'll Need

Use mild shampoo. There are many shampoos that have strong detergents that can strip the scalp of moisture. Dryness can lead to an itchy scalp that can make you even more miserable. Purchase a shampoo that is specifically designed for oily hair. Look for the word “clarifying” on the bottle as these products are specifically designed to remove hairstyling product build-up such as gel, mousse, and hairspray.

Do not use a moisturizing shampoo. It will only contribute to the problem. The ingredients will weigh heavily on your hair, causing it to look oily.

Do not scrub your hair when you wash it. You may be tempted to rub your scalp harder but it is one of the worst things that you can do. The sebaceous glands in your scalp will go into over-drive and crank up the production of oil. Gently lather in the shampoo with your fingertips

Stop conditioning your hair. Some people have enough oil so that it’s not necessary to condition. If you feel it is necessary, try using a mild conditioner that can be used every day. Never apply conditioner to the scalp. Apply it halfway down your hair to the ends.

Skip a few washings if possible. This can help to stabilize the oil production of your hair. It may be hard to tolerate the look of oily hair as the hours go by, but if you can live through this, many people are pleasantly surprised with the results. The best thing that women can do for their locks is to pin their hair up with a clip and forget about it for a few days.

Experiment with different hairstyling products. Note the results after you use them. Notice if some products make your hair greasier than others and stop using them. Avoid the use of products that contain alcohol. These can be extremely drying to the scalp and it will make the problem worse.


  • Use baby powder to absorb some of the oil. Put a small amount in your hand and flip your head over. Run it through your hair starting at your scalp. A brush works best for this tip. Brunettes need less powder because it will show up too much in the hair.

  • Baby powder will make your hair look less greasy and it will smell fresh.