Greasy hair can be limp, lackluster and leave you feeling and looking generally disheveled. While greasy hair can be fixed by washing it, you don’t always have time to shower –especially if you’ve overslept or are in a hurry. A quick home remedy for getting rid of those greasy locks without a trip to your shower can help you get on your way, and get your hair looking great too.

Things You'll Need

Comb out your hair gently with a wide-toothed comb, to get rid of tangles or knotted hairs.

Sprinkle a teaspoon of baby powder onto your brush bristles and brush it through your hair, starting two inches from the roots, and working down to the tips. For long hair past the shoulders, do this two or three times.

Part your hair in the center and sprinkle a teaspoon of powder over your part, to get around the roots of your hair. Rub at the roots with a clean dry towel for a minute; then rub down the rest of your hair with the towel gently.

Turn your head upside-down and spray a mist of medium-hold hairspray just to the roots of your hair. Blow the roots with your blow dryer on medium heat for thirty seconds. Turn your head back over and run your fingers through your hair to smooth it out.


  • If you have particularly thick or coarse hair you might need to add a little more baby powder. Add more powder slowly in tiny increments to avoid over-powdered hair.

  • Carry a travel-sized container of baby powder with you, if your hair tends to get greasy as the day goes by.

  • There are also dry shampoo products available that work much like baby powder does, but can be catered to different hair colors and types. If you are interested ask your stylist or an employee at your local beauty supply store about products that might work for your specific hair type.