If you’ve done the frizz research and tried every salon product out there, you may be frustrated to find that your hair still frizzes, especially in humid weather. You probably already know the standard tricks, such as never combing or brushing your hair after it is dry and avoiding blow-dryers. You may have cut down on shampoo–even entirely. Still, the frizzies pop up and ruin your smooth and shiny locks. It may be time to check into some of the deeper causes of frizz and pack your purse with touch-up tools to maintain your hair throughout the day.

Things You'll Need

Install a chlorine filter on your showerhead; they’re available at most home improvement stores. Install by screwing the filter right onto the pipe between the wall and your showerhead. You might even try a whole-house filter that installs in your water line if you have multiple bathrooms. Chlorine dries your hair every time you shower, leading to frizz. It isn’t great for your skin or lungs, either.

Towel dry your hair with a T-shirt instead of terrycloth bath towels. Lay out the T-shirt sideways and hang your head over it, piling your hair on top of your head. Scoop your hair up in the shirt and twist the fabric to the sides of your head until you have a cap over your hair and two twisted “handles.” Tie or tuck in the handles to keep the cap in place, and allow the shirt to absorb water while you continue your morning routine. After about 15 minutes, remove the shirt and shake out your hair, then style as normal. With this method, sometimes called “plopping,” the shirt removes the right amount of water from your hair, unlike overly absorbent terrycloth, and the gentle treatment helps avoid breakage that contributes to frizz.

Gel for your climate. Hair gel can be an effective way to manage frizz, but gels that work in dry, cold climates may do nothing in hot, humid climates and vice versa. If you’re in a humid area, look for gels with Polyquaternium-4 and polyvinyl acetate (PVA) as ingredients, and avoid those with poly N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone (PVP), suggests Tonya Becker of Naturally Curly. For dry-climate frizz, find a gel with Polyquaternium-11.

Run a dryer sheet (the anti-static cling kind) over your dry hair from roots to ends in the same motion you would use to smooth it with your hand. Keep a few extra dryer sheets tucked into your purse or bag in a plastic baggie to smooth down flyaways on the go. This isn’t a long-term fix, but it’s good for touch-ups.