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Fat under the eyes causes unsightly bulges that can make you look fatigued and years older than your actual age. Fat bags are often influenced by genetics but can be exacerbated by issues such as allergies and thyroid or kidney problems. They are characterized by saggy under-eye puffiness and fluid retention in the eye area. Getting rid of fat beneath the eyes often involves using a variety of treatments.

Stay out of the sun. According to, skin may sag because of a breakdown of collagen caused by aging. There is a direct correlation between sun damage and loss of skin elasticity that may increase the appearance of fat bulges.

Use a lotion that contains collagen to hydrate the skin under the eyes. In addition, avoid rubbing under-eye skin to keep the area firm. By doing so, you will decrease the chances of damaging sensitive skin tissue and hastening skin degeneration.

Sleep with your head elevated to allow fluids to drain from the facial area. suggests adding an extra pillow under your head if you do sleep on your back to discourage excess fluid accretion. Avoid sleeping on your back altogether if possible to deter fluid build-up.

Consider blepharoplasty surgery. This surgery removes under-eye sagginess that may lead to an increased appearance of fatty deposits and puffiness. Under-eye blepharoplasty usually involves general anesthesia. You may need a week or more to recover sufficiently to return to work. Some liposuction in the eye area may be necessary during surgery to ensure fat removal. Discuss options with a licensed plastic surgeon.

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