Deep wrinkles occur due to age, genetics and sun exposure. Women often focus on their face in terms of using anti-aging products and moisturizers. The décolleté area, otherwise known as the chest area, is then neglected and deep wrinkles may form. Once deep wrinkles form, it can be difficult to get rid of them. Products that are used topically may reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and get rid of them in some instances. Removing them entirely may involve more aggressive treatment.


Use the same serums and moisturizers that you use on your face, on your décolleté area. Look for ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic acid and antioxidants. These ingredients will help to slough off old cells to reveal younger, healthier skin underneath. Use a deep moisturizer; it should contain ingredients such as aloe and Shea butter. Apply both the serum and moisturizer nightly or as often as your skin will tolerate without irritation.

Obtain a prescription for Retin-A. It is a true powerhouse in the world of anti-aging. According to Dr. Joel L. Cohen, Retin-A is the only drug that actually improves the skin on a molecular level. Not only does it boost collagen, but it also helps the skin to maintain collagen. Retin-A is available by prescription only. Follow the instructions provided by your doctor for usage information.

Consider using Botox to treat deep wrinkles on the décolleté area. While Botox is most commonly used for the face, it may be used for deep wrinkles on the chest as well. This should not be your first step, though, as Botox can be quite costly. It's always important to receive Botox injections from a qualified health care professional. This is especially true when receiving Botox injections to the chest area. As the skin is quite thin in this area, it is easy to end up with a lumpy result if it is not done properly.

Treat your wrinkles with a fractional laser. This is the most effective treatment for deep wrinkles on the décolleté area. Of course, this may only be administered by a doctor. It generally involves three to five treatments. Each laser treatment reduces sun damage, as well as wrinkles, by 15 to 20 percent. As long as you take care of your skin by wearing sunscreen and using moisturizers, the results will be long lasting. You may need to schedule maintenance appointments every year or two. There is only minimal discomfort associated with this treatment.


  • If your skin is sensitive to Retin-A, use it only a few nights a week at first, until your skin is able to tolerate it.