Cracked heels are a pretty obvious sign that you haven’t been taking care of your feet properly. Not only can cracked heels be an uncomfortable and painful experience, it can also lead to serious infections and other medical problems if not taken care of.

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How to Get Rid of Cracked Heels

Take the steps necessary to prevent infection on your heels. Be sure to wash your feet with soap every day. Many times the feet are neglected during the daily shower routing which can lead to fungus and infections. A moisturizing soap can also help to keep you heels a little softer.

Use a foot lotion daily. Feet are constantly barraged with conditions that other parts of the skin are not. This leads to a need of more attention to be sure that the skin is healthy. After you shower, try rubbing your feet with lotion to help re-introduce moisture to your feet.

Cover your feet with shortening or vegetable oil. It may sound strange but the natural oils in shortening or vegetable oil have great properties that will help to soothe and heal your cracked heels. Wash your feet thoroughly and then apply a thick coat of shortening to your feet. Cover your feet with a heavy sock and wear them overnight. In the morning wash your feet again to remove the shortening.

Use the meat of a ripe banana. Take a ripe banana and smash it into a paste. Apply the paste directly to your heel and let stand for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes thoroughly wash your feet.

Try a warm Epson salts bath. An Epson salts bath will not only soothe your feet, but will also help soften and heal any cracked skin. Take about a half a cup of Epson salts and place it into a bucket of just hot enough to bare water. Keep your feet in the water until the water has cooled. After the cracks heal be sure to exfoliate your feet to keep them smooth and healthy.


  • If your feet continue to crack or look infected, seek medical attention as soon as you can.