If you are having trouble removing clumpy mascara, stubborn eyeliner, gloopy eyebrow gel and caked-on makeup every evening, your regular makeup cleansing routine isn’t cutting it. To get rid of your makeup without damaging your skin, you will need a step-by-step solution to pamper and protect your eyelids, lashes and brows. Whether you are a makeup maven or a beauty novice, you can get all the make-up off your face using a few simple and goof-proof steps.

Things You'll Need

Chemical-Based Eye Makeup Removers

Saturate a round, cotton makeup pad with liquid makeup remover. Place the pad over your closed eyelid and brows. Hold the pads on the eyes for one minute to remove the makeup thoroughly. Wipe away the caked eye shadow and eyebrow gel gently, by moving the pads back and forth slowly and horizontally over the lid.

Dip a cotton swab into the eye makeup remover. Press the swab into the base of the lashes to remove caked on and hard-to-remove eyeliner and mascara. Move the swab across the eyes gently to get rid of the makeup.

Swipe your entire lid with a makeup removing cloth to finish. If stubborn, glittery eye shadow, waterproof mascara or eyeliner remains, a final swipe of a makeup removing cloth will get rid of any makeup residue.

Oil-Based Eye Makeup Removers

Soak a cotton ball with olive, grapeseed, sunflower or coconut oils. Unlike other cleansers, oil does not strip your skin after your wash it off and preserves the skin’s natural moisture level.

Dampen your eyelids with a cotton pad dipped in water. Smooth the oils over each eyelid to hydrate and remove your makeup. Massage the oils into your eyelid with your fingertips for one to two minutes. Remove the makeup with a clean cotton ball or round, cotton makeup pad.

Place a hot and damp towel over your eyes. Let the steam from the towel open your pores and soften skin. Once the towel cools, swipe your eyelids to complete the makeup-removing treatment.


  • Choose makeup-removing pads with soothing, hydrating and depuffing properties to moisturize and alleviate dry and puffy eyes.

  • After wearing all-day eye makeup, smooth on a night eye cream to smooth fine lines and soothe tired eyes.