The last thing a woman wants to see after getting her hair colored is a brassy shade instead of soft, blonde highlights. Brassy highlights can occur from over-processed hair, changes in shampoo, swimming in a chlorinated pool or lying in the sun for too long. Women with naturally dark hair who decide to go blonde also experience brassy coloring. Removal of the harsh highlights involves using a few hair care products sold at the local beauty supply store.

Things You'll Need

Apply a purple-tinted shampoo to the hair to help tone down the brassy color. Leave the toner on the hair for 10 minutes to allow the color to work against each other and reduce brassiness. Rinse the hair with warm water.

Apply an ash-colored toner to the hair to neutralize the brassy shade and tone down the color. Leave the toner on the hair for 10 minutes and rinse with water.

Apply a deep conditioning treatment formulated to reduce brassy color. Wrap the hair in plastic cling wrap or apply a shower cap. Let stand for 20 minutes to allow the treatment to soak into the hair. Remove the wrap or cap and rinse the hair with lukewarm water until the water runs clean.


  • Use the purple-tinted toner once a week and the ash-colored toner once every 4 to 6 weeks until the brassiness has disappeared.

  • Avoid using the ash-colored toner if the hair is naturally ash colored or if the hair pulls gray when dyed with an ash blonde hair color.

  • See a professional colorist if the hair is still brassy after using the toners.