How to get rid of acne scars using a home remedy. Beating acne is one thing, having scars to remind you is sadly another. Whether it’s face acne, shoulder or back acne, this home remedy will get rid of those scars quickly and safely (not to mentions cheaply!)

Things You'll Need

A clean face (or back and shoulders).

Before making and applying your acne scar home remedy, you have to make sure your face is nice and clean to start with. Wash your face or back with warm water to open those pores up. Place about a spoonful of baking soda on your palm and lightly scrub the skin area where you have the acne scars. Baking soda is an excellent exfoliate because it exfoliates and cleans without being too harsh on the skin.

Drying the Acne Scar area.

Your skin has been through a lot already. So instead of rubbing it dry simply pat it gently with a towel or napkin and let the rest of it air-dry.

Making the Acne Scar Home Remedy:

Mix 1 tablespoon of NATURAL honey with 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon powder. This is enough for the face acne scars, for the back double the recipe. Make sure you mix this acne scar remedy mixture with a either a clean finger or wooden utensil.

Applying the Acne Scar Mixture:

Again, with clean fingers, gently apply the honey and cinnamon mixture to the skin areas that previously had acne. As long as the acne scars are covered with this mixture don’t worry about the thickness.
Leave the mixture on your acne scars for about 25 minutes then wash it off with cold water. You should be able to feel a huge difference in softness already!

Repeating the Remedy to get rid of those Acne Scars!

Repeat this remedy daily following the same steps until you are rid of those acne scars. You should start seeing a difference withing a week!


  • You can make a large amount of this home remedy to use for the week, or even give to a friend as an inexpensive thoughtful gift!

  • Don’t worry about giving this as a gift, it’s not offensive at all. On the contrary it will be much appreciated.