Often acne is bad enough, but for some the scars that acne leaves behind can become a lifetime of painful memories. Not only can they cause low self esteem, but make a person want to hide instead of being out in the world. If your acne scars are deep and you have a lot of them, it is best to see your doctor for help in removing them. However if your acne scars are not to deep or to big, then try these simple and easy home remedies.

Drink plenty of water –

Drinking water is good for your body both inside and out. It is easier for your body to shed dead skin cells when it is well hydrated. Make sure you drink the recommended 64 fluid ounces a day.

Healthy diet –

Eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables is the best way to help your skin have a natural glow and healthy look to it. These items contains great minerals and vitamins to help keep your skin in great condition. Eating healthy foods is the best way to ensure your skin gets and stays healthy. You also want to include good proteins like fish, chicken, soy, etc.

Drink lemon juice –

Drinking lemon juice is an easy and effective way to shed dead skin cells and help new skin cells grow faster and healthier ones as well as adds elasticity to your skin.

Tomatoes –

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C which aids in preventing overproduction of sebum which is known to cause acne and scaring. Just simply slice a fresh tomato everyday and apply it to your skin or acne scars to help remove the scarring and prevent it as well.

Olive oil –

Olive oil is truly one of natures wonders. It contains moisturizing properties which work great for treating acne scars. Just gently massage some olive oil onto your acne scars each day to help reduce the scarring. You may think it will make you break out more, but it does not. No need to rinse off.

Honey –

You can use honey to remove scarring in two different ways. Either consume a tablespoon a day, or apply it to the affected area on your face and gently massage in. Then leave it on for 5-10 minutes, gently rinse off with cool water. Do this every day for best results.

Homemade face mask –

Combine the following ingredients together –

1 tablespoon sour cream
1 tablespoon of oatmeal
1 tablespoon of yogurt
Few drops of lemon juice

Mix them together well. Apply it to your face and leave on or 10- 15 minutes. Rinse off with cool water and pat your face dry. Do this twice a week for best results.

Lavender oil –

This oil is widely used in many cosmetics. Gently massage a small amount of lavender oil into your scarred area and leave on. No need to rinse. Do this once a day for best results.