Bruises are unsightly skin discolorations ranging in color from dark purple to blue to green to yellow. A hickey, while young lovers like to think of it a badge of some sort, is also a bruise. In either case they do not look very nice. As for a hickey, instead of wearing a turtleneck to hide it, try the following remedies.

To help a bruise or hickey heal faster try ice made from comfrey. Steep comfrey in a cup of boiling water for a few minutes, dip a clean cloth or thick piece of gauze into the cup and freeze. When your cloth or gauze is frozen apply to the bruise or hickey.

A natural bruise or hickey healer is calendula cream. Calendula cream helps speed the healing process by increasing circulation which helps the body rid the underlying blood and damaged skin cells. Rub calendula cream on the bruise or hickey 3 times per day. Do not use on broken skin. Calendula cream is available in health food stores and natural pharmacies.

To help a bruise or hickey heal faster put a slice of yellow onion on the bruise or hickey as soon as possible for about 20 minutes. Yellow onion helps the lymphatic system flow which takes away the excess blood and skin cells.

To speed bruise or hickey healing use fresh parsley. Cut and crush fresh parsley leaves into a paste, apply to the bruise or hickey. In the morning the color from the bruise or hickey will be gone.