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Perhaps you or your child accidentally got peanut butter in your hair, or maybe you were using peanut butter to remove gum from hair. Now you have a gooey, aromatic mess. Peanut butter is not difficult to remove from hair, fortunately. It does contain peanut oil, however, so you should use a product that will safely remove oils from hair.

Remove as much peanut butter as you can using your fingers and a comb. As you are combing, wipe the comb with paper towels after each pass through your hair to remove the peanut butter as it is gathered. You may also rinse the comb with warm water.

Wash your hair in warm water, wetting it thoroughly. Use a clarifying shampoo and work it into the strands of your hair using your fingers. Clarifying shampoos help strip dirt and oils from the hair.

Rinse your hair well in warm water. If any peanut-butter odor remains or hair still feels oily, rub a few drops of regular dish soap into the area. Dish soap is made to lift these kinds of oils away and works well even on hair. Rinse your hair again after applying the dish soap and follow up with a good conditioner. Let the hair dry naturally or blow it dry.


If you don’t have a clarifying shampoo, just use any shampoo for oily hair. You many also skip the shampoo initially and use the dish soap first.

Wash your comb in dish soap to remove leftover traces of peanut butter after you are finished.