Nail stickers are a stylish and festive way to dress up your everyday manicure with little accents. Stickers are available in a number of designs, even holiday stickers, to match any look or occasion. Making sure you apply them right is essential, as poor application will leave your tips peeling.

Things You'll Need

Start with clean, polish-free nails. Remove any old polish with cotton balls dipped in nail polish remover, and trim and file nails to your liking. Wash hands with soap and water and let dry for five minutes before applying polish.

Apply a clear base coat first, to protect your nails. Wait 10 minutes for base to dry then apply the color of your choice with two light layers. You can also opt to have no color and just wear nail stickers, whatever your preference. Allow color to dry for 20 minutes.

Use tweezers and gently peel off the sticker, holding the top end of it with tweezers. Gently lay sticker atop your nail and press it from the bottom of the sticker up, gently and firmly with the tip of your tweezers. Continue applying stickers as desired to your nails.

Apply a clear polish top coat. A top coat will protect stickers from getting caught or snagged as you go about your daily activities. Wait another 20 minutes to allow top coat to completely dry before doing any activities.


  • Nail stickers are available that cover the entire nail. The key to applying these is to first measure the width and length of your nail precisely and then cut them to size, leaving them just a little longer length wise. Apply to nails that have a dry base coat, and trim the ends of stickers with nail clippers to fit them precisely. Apply top coat and allow to dry.

  • Keep stickers in your purse with you; should you have any accidents, you can reapply another sticker as needed on the go.

  • When removing stickers, either peel off with tweezers or soak tips in remover for a few minutes then wipe away with a cotton ball.