Those harsh chemicals you use for stripping polish from your nails are suitable for fingers and toes, but when it comes to your face, you need something a little more gentle. However you ended up with nail polish on your face, you need to play it safe when you’re removing it, or else you could seriously dry out your skin.

Things You'll Need

Ditch the acetone-based nail-polish remover. Acetone is strong and unforgiving, which makes it handy for cleaning off your nails. When it comes to skin, though, acetone is just too powerful — it’ll dry you right out. Instead, choose a non-acetone chemical, like isopropyl alcohol, or an organic solvent made with ingredients like soy.

Follow the instructions. Non-acetone chemicals and organic solvents aren’t as aggressive as typical acetone-based removers, so they come with their own instructions. Instead of just dabbing and wiping like you would with acetone, you may need to repeatedly massage the solvent into your skin, or even leave it on the skin for a certain period of time.

Wash and moisturize your face after removing the nail polish. Even if your non-acetone solvent is formulated with moisturizers — like soy-based formulas are — you should wash and moisturize to make sure that your face doesn’t dry out from the other chemicals.