MAC cosmetics is a popular department-store brand noted for its youthful image and high-quality products. The brand sells makeup for basic needs, glamorous evenings, or date nights out. Makeup wearers tend to focus on mascara, lip gloss and foundation or powder. Eyebrows, on the other hand, are often forgotten. To address this, MAC cosmetics provides a number of options for women to create the perfect brow.

Choose the MAC product that works best for you. If you have light hair, choose a color two shades darker. If you have dark hair, choose a shade two shades lighter. The Impeccable Brow Pencil is a standard eyebrow pencil with a creamy texture and is appropriate for everyday use. The Penultimate Brow Marker is a liquid brow marker, which may be preferred for dramatic looks. The Brow Set is a mascara-type product that offers a natural-looking brow, but with less control and definition. This product works better for thicker brows. Lastly, the Eye Brows product is a self-sharpening tool that is more pronounced than the pencil, though less so than the marker. It works well for shaping and arching the brows.

Swipe a cotton ball across your brows with makeup remover to remove any dirt, oil or makeup. Allow to dry completely.

Tweeze any excess hairs from underneath your brow arch. You may lightly shape around the edges of your brows as well. Allow the ends of your brows to extend to the outer corner of your eyes, and do not thin them too much. Rub your brows outwards to smooth them down.

Use downward short strokes to shape your brow. Fill in any gaps and define the shape starting from the inner corner and working outwards.

Draw a vertical line along the inner line of your brow to connect the top and bottom. The line should be light.

Smooth the vertical line into your brow, blending so that it creates a natural outline of your brow.


  • Do not add too much product to your brow, as this will create an unnatural look.