In cold temperatures, and when honey gets old, it will start to harden and crystallize. This is a normal occurrence, and it is not necessary to throw the honey away. To return the honey to its original usefulness and runniness, you can re-liquidate the honey by heating it with warm water just long enough to melt the honey crystals and soften the honey. If you heat the honey too long, you can cause it to become permanently hard, so take care when reheating the honey.

Things You'll Need

Fill a small saucepot with water. Heat the water to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Any hotter and the honey can start to cook. Honey heated to above 105 degrees Fahrenheit is considered cooked honey, and the nutrients inside the honey can start to break down at this point.

Place the honey in the saucepan. Keep the honey in the pan until the crystals start to melt. If the water cools, remove it and replace it with new warm water.

Dry the container with a towel when the honey is liquidated and return to the storage area. Keep the honey in a warm location to prevent the honey from forming crystals again.