When it comes to makeup, there are times when you will just not be ready to commit to something new. Or perhaps you want to cut back on your spending and makeup is one of the places in your life that you plan to do this. But there’s no reason not to try out the newest makeup trends. Many makeup lines offer free samples, often large enough to be used for up to a month. They are easy to get if you know where to look.

Head out to your local department store or a mall with several department stores. The high-end makeup lines with counters in makeup departments are a great place to start your search for free samples. The makeup companies give the counters plenty of makeup samples to give out to promote new items. Have the makeup artist do your makeup and tell her that you love the colors but want to see if you can duplicate the look at home before making a purchase. Make sure that you sign up with the makeup artist; this way you will know of any free gift-with-purchase promotions that may go on at the counter.

Go to the different websites for each makeup company. Many companies offer free makeup samples of their newest products directly on their websites. All you have to do is sign up on the site and the company will ship the free samples to your home.

Look to local outlets or representatives of businesses such as Mary Kay and Avon that build their makeup businesses on repeat business. Many of the representatives for these companies choose to use free makeup samples to build their client base. Always ask about free samples whenever you talk to your representative.

Try websites that direct you to a variety of free offers, such as Free Mania or Free Makeup Samples. You may discover brands you haven’t tried before and find a new favorite.