The Plantar surface of the foot is the part that touches the floor. Plantar Fasciitis is a condition of people who walk or stand on their feet a lot are subject to this painful condition. It is not a disease and I totally cured mine with exercise. Walking is now something I really enjoy again. The first symptom of Plantar Fasciitis is that the first step after sleeping or sitting is very painful and feels like a knife in the bottom of the foot.

Things You'll Need

The tendons on the bottom of the foot tighten up from walking or standing still. There are all kinds of cures that I tried that were expensive and none of them worked. I spent hundreds on foot inserts and special shoes that almost killed me with pain while the salesman said I would adjust in a few weeks. I put up with the pain but it did not cure me then I got relief from information I found for free online. My computer is what saved the day. I read one article and after 6 months of pain I cured the problem in 3 weeks.

Stand and lean forward and stretch your calf muscle. The calf muscle ends in a tendon that goes around the bottom of your foot past your heel. It turns out that stretching your calf stretches the bottom of your foot which is needed.

It is important to feel the stretch. Go slowly stretching fast will injure you. Slowly and patiently. Try to stretch an inch more each day. That is real progress

Sit on the floor mat, rug or blanket and put a long towel or old necktie around the bottom of your foot and pull on it so that your toes are moving toward your head.

Massage your leg muscles and then repeat a few times a day until you get relief. Do not give up it works. Good luck. By the way, it has been two years and I walk a few miles a day with no problem.


  • Continue to stretch even after you are better so the condition does not return