If you have blemishes, dark spots or dark circles under your eyes, you are not alone. People of every skin tone and age suffer from these pesky skin problems. Whether these stubborn shadows are the result of hyperpigmentation, genetics, aging or allergies, you can create flawless under eye coverage in just a few steps. To keep your under eye shadows a secret, swipe on creamy, skin-perfecting makeup products that will help your skin look smoother, hydrated and problem-free.

Things You'll Need

Clean your face with a gentle product formulated for your skin type. Massage a lightweight moisturizer or eye cream into your face and allow it to absorb fully — about ten to 12 minutes. This hydrating and moisturizing product acts as a primer and allows the concealer to last longer and glide on smoothly underneath the eye area.

Choose the right creamy concealer color for under your eyes. Cover dark circles by smoothing a yellow-based concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your normal foundation color. If your dark circles feature blue or purple coloring, swipe on a peach- or pink-hued concealing product first. Then layer the yellow-colored concealer on top for full coverage.

Dab on the concealer using your fingertips of a firm-bristled concealer brush. Starting at the innermost corner of the eye, apply three dots of concealer underneath your lower lid. Use your fingertips or the brush to feather out the product gently toward the cheeks until it camouflages any flaws underneath the eye.

Set the concealer with a loose, translucent powder applied with a small powder brush.


  • The best time to apply concealer is after swiping on your eye makeup and foundation.

  • Blend in the product using a patting, not a rubbing motion. If you still see dark circles under the eyes, apply another thin layer of concealer.